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“Redress....the balance"

Our team


Our Team

Deb Crichton - QLD ,NT

Vicki Theil - NSW,VIC

Bec Thomas - SA,WA,TAS

and our wonderful staff.

My Story…

Thirty years ago.. a very small premmie baby was born on Christmas Day.. 13 weeks early.. with very little chance of survival.. He was my first born son…. Little did I know back then just how precious natural living was going to be.. He came home from hospital and had complications, lung problems, breathing, asthma, allergies, retinal detachments and so forth.. We adopted a natural living environment in a rural setting surrounded by the fresh smells of the pine forest and eucalypt trees. After being allergy tested and sensitive to plastics amongst other things we adjusted our home accordingly – floorboards and no carpets, no curtains and no plastic furniture, cookware, no synthetic clothing. In fact no plastic anything.

Basic cotton and natural fibre clothing was the way to go. It was not always easy to source natural fibre clothing coming out of the “fantastic plastic” era of polyester and synthetic fibres…but having a love of sewing and studying pattern designing under a French tutor in Sydney.. My passion ignited.. from premmie gowns in the neonatal intensive care unit.. to smocked rompers and christening gowns.. to little boy shirts and overalls.. playsuits.. and more. My mum also loved sewing and away we went as a little team together making incredible dresses and outfits for the grand daughters and outfits for the grandsons. Along the way bridesmaid dresses, fancy dressing gowns and other outfits were created. Garments were altered for clients as they found it harder and harder to find anything that fitted and flattered their figures. When my mum became palliative sitting in hospital, and the search was on for lovely, comfortable nighties and matching bed jackets.. alas.. none could be found.. and out came the trusted sewing machine…matching nighties and bed jackets in lovely floral designs were created… and mum looked radiant…

So my love and understanding of how important natural fibre clothing and living is,………. Is it is not just a trend, but a lifesaving way of living. Through the understanding of my experiences I thoroughly encourage you to start “saving” your families and loved ones… and love yourself to convert your wardrobe over to organic and natural fibre based clothing and accessories and "redress" the balance both in your life and the environment.

“Redress the Balance"  by changing your clothes has a flow on effect in not only your life, your families and friends and also for the environment in which we live.

How it is done is?.” One shirt at a time: The next time he needs a new tee, or the kids need a new tee or you need a new top… try organic… it is pesticide free.. good for you.. good for the environment.. and good for the farmers.. check out our blogs and community for the organic news and upsides. Alternatively try one of the other eco friendly natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp, soy and more.. They are grown without pesticides,

 To connect, and understand the importance of natural clothing and natural based living and wearing what feels right for you will always be in style.

Fashion comes and goes around.. Style is classic… Style is what is right for you.

 I have designed a size chart that has been well received by many. As a designer I welcome you to email me and chat about any questions that you may have.

And as for that   tiny little 800gram premmie boy………he is now studying computer science at university…

The miracle of natural living..


Much love